My body is changing and I love it....!

I thought that when I became pregnant I would struggle to be at ease with the changes in the shape of my body.We have always wanted children and I think that remembering the bigger picture is helping me to get excited and embrace the little changes I’m seeing month by month. The health of myself and the baby is what’s most important and so I’m focused on keeping healthy.  I’ve always liked to keep up some form of exercise and fitness, albeit in many different forms over the years, so as long as it’s safe and comfortable I’m not ready to hang up my gym gear just yet.


At the beginning of my second trimester I was following the Tracy Anderson Pregnancy Project, a series of nine different workouts moderated for each month of pregnancy and lasting 35 to 55 minutes each. I was completing this three times a week and then walking on the other days. I loved joining in with the DVDs in the comfort of my living room and it felt like you had your own personal trainer. Each workout takes you through a series of ‘gentle yet effective’ stretches, arm exercises and leg and butt moves to help you keep strong and I looked forward to seeing how the exercises would be changed up for the following month. Tracy says that the workouts are light enough to be done daily but I felt that 3-4 times a week was enough for me. I would still be following the programme but I have found in the later stages of the second trimester, the leg exercises are aggrevating some pelvic discomfort so I’ve had to look for an alternative. However, I’m eager to try Tracy Anderson’s Post-Pregnancy workouts when its safe for me to begin exercising again after the birth.





From 22 weeks I started a new Prenatal fitness plan by Lucy Wyndham-Read called ‘Staying Fit for You and your Baby through each Trimester’. I was first introduced to Lucy when I watched her prenatal workouts with Anna Saccone Joly on Youtube. Lucy is a qualified Pre and Postnatal fitness trainer and also has specialist knowledge in nutrition so I felt confident that her eBook would be right for me. In her book Lucy explains the benefits of prenatal exercise and the changes that are happening in your body in order to help you understand the recommended food and exercise programme. I’ve really enjoyed following her prenatal workouts on Youtube and I’m currently alternating between her Walking Workout and her Second Trimester Circuit, which you can also follow along with Anna Saccone Joly here. I’m aiming to complete these three times a week. Although I find the workouts a lot more gentle than the Tracy Project, it still feels really good to be active and I’m having to listen to what feels right for my body. I’ve also started following Lucy’s Seven-Day Healthy Eating Plan, which is also included in the Ebook. She tells you the top foods to be eating for the best nutrients each trimester and then suggests Breakfast, two snacks, Lunch and Dinner options for a whole week. Although I do try to maintain a healthy diet and have been using lots of ideas from the Kayla Itsines 28-day Healthy Eating & Lifestyle Guide, I was finding myself getting quite hungry during the day so I’m hoping that Lucy’s plan will provide me with more filling, nutritional meal ideas. I also really like the fact that it is specifically aimed at what nutritional benefits you need at each stage of pregnancy. I do feel that the plan could be improved though. Firstly, there are no actual recipes, just a very basic overview of what to eat and no suggestions of serving sizes. Also, the plan only suggests 7 days worth of meals for each trimester, so if you follow it religiously then you’re eating the same set of seven meals for three months, which could get a bit monotonous.


I’ve still been enjoying lots of walking on days when I’m not circuit training. I love being out in the fresh air and find it very theraputic. I tend to walk for around 30 minutes depending upon how I’m feeling on the day and have really been enjoying listening to motivational podcasts during the workout. My current favourite is the Confidence Podcast by Trish Blackwell as they always have a really positive message and last around half an hour each.


Finally, now that I’m in Trimester 2 I can start prenatal classes and I have opted for Yoga. The class is once a week for around an hour and a quarter and so far I’m absolutely loving it! The exercises are very gentle so don’t expect to be working up a sweat. However, the classes do help to keep you limber and improve balance and circulation throughout pregnancy and I just find it so relaxing that I often feel like I could fall asleep by the end of the session. You also learn how to breathe deeply and consciously relax, which will be helpful throughout pregnancy, labor and motherhood. My instructor is fab! She not only guides you through the exercises but has a wealth of pregnancy knowledge to share with mums-to-be. It’s also a great way to interact with other pregnant women and to feel part of a community as well as to share any tips and niggles.


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