I’m so excited to finally be able to share my happy news that my husband (R) and I are going to be parents for the first time!


The first few weeks after getting our pregnant result were incredibly exciting but also a little tricky as we decided not to tell our family straight away. I didn’t really know if how I was feeling was normal and I became anxious about every little ache and twinge. As soon as I had the first positive test I remember thinking ‘I’m going to have a baby!…well now what do I do?’ After a quick Google search I rang my GP and because I was around 6 weeks, I didn’t have long to wait for my first appointment with the midwife.



For the first couple of weeks I felt no different and was almost willing some sort of pregnancy symptoms. Well be careful what you wish for because at about 6 weeks morning sickness hit, which for me, was all day sickness. It almost feels like a constant hangover when you’re not sure if eating will make you feel better or worse. This was the part I found most difficult as it was difficult to motivate myself to go out or carry on exercising whilst feeling so nauseous. I tried fennel tea (as recommended by the fabulous Madeline Shaw in her video ‘Let’s Talk Morning Sickness’), lemon in water, ginger biscuits, soft mints, eating a rich tea biscuit before getting out of bed, all of which only had minor improvements for a short burst of time. I’ve also been more tired than I ever would have thought and have regularly been struggling to stay awake after 9PM. I’ve also had to sneak in extra little naps some afternoons, as I’ve not been able to keep my eyes open. It sounds ridiculous but even small tasks like blow-drying my hair made me so tired I’d have to have a rest half way through.



I started taking prenatal tablets as soon as I found out I was expecting and I looked carefully at my diet and exercise routine to see what I needed to avoid for the next 9 months. I was a little underweight and in the first trimester I actually lost a couple of pounds, I think this was because I found it difficult to find anything I wanted to eat. I initially tried really hard to stick with meal planning but quickly found I just had to eat whatever I fancied in the moment. I had to listen to my body and ate really plain things like baked potatoes, toast, cereal, salad and fruit. Disappointingly, I haven’t really had any weird and wonderful cravings. I was really looking forward to sending out my hubby (R) for gherkins in the middle of the night! I have had the odd occasion where I’ve really fancied a particular food; pickled onion monster munch, salt and vinegar crisps and chilli (not together) to name a few. I was eating more hard cheese than usual just because I struggled to find other things I fancied but then I became really sick of it and couldn’t face anything cheese related. They say this usually passes by the second trimester so fingers crossed!



Before I became pregnant I’d completed a couple of months of Kayla Itsines workouts using her app and was using my HIIT days to begin couch to 5K training. I’d also do some yoga for relaxation or instead of Kayla’s stretching routines. I decided to take things much more slowly once I found out I was pregnant and honestly, didn’t feel up to completing them anyway. It’s great to keep exercising whilst pregnant but the nausea prevented me from doing anything very active. On days when I felt a little better I went for walks and I’m hoping to start some prenatal classes in my second trimester.



My husband and I were a mix of super excited and feeling like we were sitting our exams when we attended our first ultrasound appointment at around 12 weeks. I was so worried there would be nothing there and the whole thing felt like an out of body experience. I couldn’t believe it was really happening for us. It was amazing to see how well formed it was at this early stage; I’d been expecting something resembling a jelly bean! We did have to go back for a second scan just over a week later as the sonographer explained that she thought I was only 11 weeks and that baby was 1 mm too small to measure. However, seeing that heart beating ten to the dozen for the first time helped to ease our fears a little.



One of the more positive effects of being pregnant has been the rate at which my nails are growing and I’m finding my hair more voluminous, which I’m loving! I have noticed my stomach starting to expand towards the end of the trimester but it’s still quite easy to hide right now and I’m still squeezing into my looser fitting clothes. I haven’t noticed any stretch marks yet and I’m slathering myself in lotions twice daily, but it’s still early days. I did have to go bra shopping by week 10 and I think that’s been the ‘biggest’ change of all.



I’m now looking forward to the second trimester when we should be able to hear the heartbeat for the first time and I’ll feel those first flutters of baby James becoming more active. I’m really trying to embrace it and enjoy every moment.


If any mums have any advice or recommendations for pregnancy books please share!


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September 10, 2017